I’m a materials scientist, I have 10 experience in graphene related research and new materials development for different kind of industry. I started my study at the University of Rome La Sapienza, then as visitor researcher at University of Copenhagen (DTU), following as research responsible at national research council (CNR) I carried out my phD in materials science with some other experience in a private sector (Pentachem and IBM).
Now I'm a responsible for new client relationship in Grahene-XT, that is offering me the opportunity to work in different locations (Rome, Milan, Europe) with different geographical scopes (local, country, regional). I'm completing a Master in Business Administration held at LUISS business school in Rome.
From my first days in the labs to now in the research field, my obsession has always been to leverage the corporate's and people's capabilities in order to serve clients, fight cultural and operational barriers.




PhD in Chemistry

The technological devices that we depend on, from aeroplanes to mobile phones; with my PhD in chemistry I learned to manage ever-increasing structural and functional complexities for their function in aerospace field.


MBA in Innovation...

Another little brick in my career, the MBA of LUISS BS is a innovative platform for new business thinking that gave to me a thorough knowledge of the functional areas of business leadership, technological disruption and management... to became an innovator.


Continuous discovery

As young innovator, in collaboration with a friend currently accelerated at LUISS EnLabs, I held a speech at John Cabot University to share our experience with the young student of entrepreneurship course.


Just to say "CIAO"
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